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Your Prom Dresses Both Inexpensive and Charming


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Look for special details on your dress. A few crystal beads,Bridal Gowns, or a belt or fringe can make a cheap prom dress look like a million dollars. Other priceless looking details contain using a cloud of fabric and special cuts in the devise. These types of details move a dress from creature a «nice» choice to a dress that «Wow!» A savvy shopper will have an eye for details, Wedding Gowns jewelry and accessories namely ambition complete her own individual look for this once a annual cause… Shopping because a prom namely an enjoyable experience. There is even extra fun when the wear you purchase saves money, Cheap Wedding Dresses and looks amazing on you, with abundance of details that see like they cost a parcel.

One entity you will want apt do when shopping for prim dress is to compare the price of cheap prom dresses in large stores, bridal Gowns small boutiques and on-line as well. Even with shipping costs you can make substantial savings along shopping on line stores. Cheap prom dresses will scamper in the vicinity of seventy to one hundred greenbacks. Higher cost dress start at just a morsel more than two hundred dollars and can go ascending of 6 hundred dollars. To go by with the dress you select you may need special undergarments or really gorgeous shoes or an evening purse.

Prom dresses are not all the foamy chiffon institutions of earlier years. They can have contemporary prints, Wedding Gowns flowers or beast themes. Cheap prom dresses offer just for many options as full line dresses. You can ascertain short fun dress editions and long draping dresses; pale spring pastels and bold dark and white graphics are in the stores either ashore line and in the mall.

When you are shopping fjust aboutmething, cost is no the only factor, merely it is good to know thatcheap ones can be as with distinctive as higher priced versions. When going with a discounted dress you have more time left for actually wonderful accessories. You may only need a dress for the prom one period, or if you work to prom double you will want a another dress next year. On the additional hand, an nightfall purse or the faultless shoes will be an investment that can be reused for a digit of dressier occasions.

Buy vintage fashion never intend to wear


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When I walk into a charity shop because of the beat-up penny loafers in the display windows or the kitschy mohair sweaters being perused by ladies that remind me of my aunties, I can never contain myself. The question of why I buy vintage, and especially vintage I know I’ll never wear, has a bit of an indecipherable history to it. One day I was purchasing what most college kids buy — cardigans and jeans and Converse to beat up by summer — and the next I was trying on ’50s prom dresses and watching His Girl Friday, itching to figure out how, exactly, I could perfect dressing like a reporter from the ’30s. And I guess the main reason I’m drawn to vintage is that the clothes aren’t just stuff you can wear on your back. They also hold a narrative.

It’s not like I was raised around red lipstick or skeleton keys or Mad Men-inspired whiskey sets. Yet the whimsy of it all has caught my attention. I went through phases during which I wanted my dresses to look like picnic blankets and my shoes like ones Southern matriarchs might sport to church. And then I crossed over to a more menswear-inspired, Katharine Hepburn-esque look that had a lot to do with wearing Oxford shirts without bras and my dad’s watch on my wrist. Things ebbed and flowed, but one thing I knew was that I was attracted to the world of vintage because of my love for stories.

Vintage items have a tale to tell. The flapper dress that hung between the ghastly ’80s New Year’s number and the regular denim pinafore somehow made its way to my suburb, but from whose attic? I can almost imagine the woman who must have folded it carefully into her past before finally donating it. I can picture her as a teenager with a quick laugh and a stubborn streak — one that would worry her mother, but keep her dad wrapped around her finger. Maybe she would swing to jazz and touch up her lipstick in smoky bathrooms, talking quickly like a 1920s movie star about the boy she liked.

Maybe she did and maybe she didn’t. But it’s fun to try to find that person in chiffon and bead work, allowing me to connect with a woman I’ll never meet but can remember nonetheless. I have a deep appreciation for these stories, even if they’re only in my head. Vintage clothing is full of mystery and history, and wondering about it all is half the charm.

So when it comes to vintage, I buy a lot of things I’ll likely never wear, but that I just need to own when my paycheck allows for it. My closet is like walking into a curiosity shop. On one side, you have my sensible clothes, with sweaters stacked neatly according to color, collared shirts ironed and hanging primly, and the less OTT vintage suitable for the day to day. And on the other, you have a collection of sartorial chapter books — a history of women I admire and think about often, wondering what sorts of things they did with their lives while wearing those clothes. And while that might sound like a hodge podge of a wardrobe, I think you can be drawn to a style completely different from your own (brocade opera jackets even if you’re a tomboy, or baggy overalls even if you’re sophisticated) and not have to feel guilty about getting less use out of it.

A lot of times, people buy things that are practical — like sweaters we can bundle up in and shoes that’ll take us to work — but not everything in your closet has to be sensible. It’s romantic to buy pieces that you never plan to wear, but you have an appreciation for because of what they symbolize: A past life, and a different narrative.

Even inside of ourselves, we all hold a series of unique narratives, and they can lead us down different stories and paths to choose between. Are we the responsible version of ourselves, who goes to work at a sensible job and hits the hay by 10 PM in order to beat the alarm? Are we the one who sneaks off with pool boys during family vacations, or doesn’t quite tell mom the truth when she asks what we did last weekend? Do we roll up our sleeves and work hard for what we love, or do we wish we could spend our weeks building sand castles? Chances are we’re a little bit of all of that. In that same way, an old dress with moth holes in it or a worn-in flannel shirt might not be in keeping with your defining style; but you can still feel connected to these things because they foster a sense of curiosity about aspects of your persona you’re not exploring enough otherwise.

And so, I own pillbox hats I’ll never wear anywhere but dim movie theaters, and heavy evening dresses with broken zippers and champagne stains down their hems that’ll live only in my wardrobe. I have ’80s dungarees that look like they belong in a hip hop video, and sheer dresses that felt like they could have been owned by an angry suburban teenager who paired them with flannel shirts in the ’90s. All these stories, all these different chapters and shades of a life a person can lead, are tucked away into my closet. And that’s a pretty badass thing.

I buy vintage I never plan to wear because I love people, and I love every version of myself too. I’m a non-historian historian; an antique appraiser who judges the worth of clothes depending how many memories can be stuffed up their sleeves and into their pockets. Vintage is wonderfully nostalgic, sure. But more than that, it’s history and a memory. For me, owning it is a way of preserving those yesteryears and reminding myself that there are many different ways a person can enjoy their life. Some pieces in your closet can become keepsakes that make you appreciate or delight in a life someone before you has lived. You’ll probably never, ever meet them, but it’s grounding to know you have a piece of history hanging in your closet nontheless.

2016 new arrival blue cocktail dresses


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Red gratifying, pure white, two color petals, a flower, flower in the style of spiral double flowers, then to try to adorn with crystal, flowers decorated with belt, also connect white, pink patchwork dress skirt. In addition to manual three-dimensional flowers, in the design of this concise, shoulders the hubble-bubble sleeve also very chic, feel so that more small princess style?

Chic A-Line Sweetheart Crystals Short Light Blue Cocktail Dresses
Chic A-Line Sweetheart Crystals Short Light Blue Cocktail Dresses

For the little girl, almost all have a princess dream, dreams are pink and white, like the as interpreted by the children’s dress. Handmade pink fold deck before the bosom, with bright or jade beads, pink bowknot mutual set off, in a white world, more sweet; Slightly hard yarn and have a sense of satin skirt is placed, the little girl likes than comfortable sense of fantasy.

Crystals Cleavage Long Sequins Sweetheart Column Baby Blue Cocktail Dresses
Long Sequins Sweetheart Column Baby Blue Cocktail Dresses

For the girl like blue, like flowers, this dress custom in the middle of their hearts. Handmade three-dimensional flower, a flower, flower belt along with flowers falling trajectory, bloom on the skirt, very beautiful. Blue top and white skirt form sharp contrast, with fashionable feeling at the same time, also depict children bright childhood.

Mermaid Cleavage Floor Length Beading High Neck Sea Blue Prom Dresses
Mermaid Floor Length Beading High Neck Blue Long Cocktail Dresses

Placed in the air, layered net veil, three-dimensional flower, handmade Mosaic adorned among them, just like a tree flowers, pure and fresh and gorgeous. Upper body above the satin is still flower in full bloom, and skirt set each other off becomes an interest, as children’s garden in my heart. Such a «grand» skirt, suitable to attend the wedding, birthday party, etc!

Shocking wedding trend everyone is obsessed with right


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You wouldn’t know it if you follow wedding sites or read bridal magazines, but there’s a bridal trend blowing up right now that no one in the fashion or bridal industries seems to want to talk about: Camo wedding dresses.

That’s right, camo! As in camouflage. As in the stuff you wear to go hunting in the woods.

If I sound shocked, it’s because I am. Not that I consider myself an expert on bridal fashion, per se, but I at least try to stay abreast of the major trends as part of my job. I know about the jumpsuit trend, the multiple-dress trend, the lingerie trend, and the women’s tuxedo trend, but until recently, I had never heard of the camo wedding dress trend.

Little did I know, over 22,000 people search for «camo wedding dresses» on Google every month. That’s the same search volume as «lace wedding dresses» and a higher search volume than «beach wedding dresses,» «sexy wedding dresses,» and «backless wedding dresses,» which each only get about 18,100, 12,100, and 9,900 searches per month, respectively. Camo is a big freaking trend. One with a lot of smaller, sub-trends inside of it.

White camo (aka «snow camo»):

Brown camo, which comes with and without accents of bright orange:

Matching camo bridesmaid dresses, accessories, and tuxedo separates for men:

Even designer Leisha Gust of Minnesota-based bridal boutique Lady Camo Bridal was surprised when I told her just how many people out there were searching for camo wedding dresses. Gust began making camo wedding dresses about five years ago. «With Duck Dynesty being so popular back then, I just thought there was a need,» she said. «The girl who hunts or just loves camo, she’s not going to wear a traditional wedding dress. She wants a camo wedding dress and everyone in her wedding party in camo too. It’s crazy.»

Jamie Miles, managing editor of and former managing editor of The Knot, told me that «weddings are getting more casual, so people are looking to showcase their personalities in more unique ways.» Miles continued: «There’s definitely a shock factor there for me, but, at the same time, it’s kind of nice to see that people are incorporating their personality more into their weddings.»

In spite of how popular the queries for camo wedding dresses are on Google, «camo is not for everyone,» Gust said. «Some stores are squeamish about it because they think it’s ugly. But when the girls find out it’s there, the orders snowball and I get the reorders.»

«I used to do traditional bridal, but now I only do camo,» Gust said. «I just love these camo brides. They are so unique! They know what they want and they are so excited when they find it. They usually order the same day they come in and I’ve never had a bride say she wasn’t happy with her gown, even when they’ve bought it sight unseen from the website.»

So, yeah. Camo wedding dresses. They’re huge. Now you know.

With additional reporting by Christine Bettlach Anderson.

Plus size evening dresses also be charm


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Soft fabrics like a warm city, there are clouds in evidence, waves of Cambridge. Describe the design of cultivate one’s morality gently woman, the shape of the curve in the design of the shoulders interprets the woman’s dignified, elegant. Shoulders rose in the set off of diamond, increasingly rich aroma, fold of the chest filled with joy, after the encounter diamond belt block, still penetrated into different length of the skirt.

A-Line Hot Pink Beading Appliques Strapless Plus Size Evening Wear Online

Liuhua dancing under the moon, followed the trace of the flowers, the line of sight to pursue to bloom at the waist of rose, one, two, three, dotted with cultivate one’s morality dress, delicate in luxury, nobleness in details. Wiping a bosom of cultivate one’s morality, the design of tall waist, symmetrical swing, catching plait skirt, perfect fusion, on the silver taffeta fabric deduce beautiful of static water flow.

Chiffon Beading Sweetheart Sequins Plus Size Evening Dresses Brisbane

In a beautiful world, handmade rose flower like stones into a lake, a stone up, among the waves, on the bottom face. This is a dress scene in the dream: on the pink taffeta, black lace as bloom, or bloom around the neckline of the sweet, add a minute fragrance; Or with a skirt, black flowers, vines.

Plus Size Pink Tone Column Crystals Floor Length Chiffon Formal Evening Gowns

Have a unique beauty pageant; Even the waist, do not let the dress somewhere drab. Short after long before the tail design, get rid of all the ordinary, only beautiful, vogue spread out from my dream. Even if the dream is gone, the charm of bud silk flowers still exists. First meeting, the colorful tonal make you in the dark, then, you smiled, smile so sweet, so deep, so turn round.

Mermaid Pink Strapless Crystals Floor Length Plus Size Evening Dresses Sydney

In the twists and turns of the manual catching plait the outline of the space, bud silk flowers in natural, casual, unbridled, dew condensation into glittering and translucent get rid of diamond, fell on the petals, amber fragrance more fascinating. In front after the seemingly perfect dress beaded after two wisp of ribbon, clever and elegant suddenly appeared, start flying, together with you, will you is the most beautiful of all.

Reasons Renting Bridesmaid Dresses Is Brilliant


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Always a bridesmaid, never a bride? That best friend ish can get crazy expensive. As the average cost of weddings rise, brides are not only looking for ways to cut down their own costs, also realizing the financial toll their wedding often takes on the wedding party — and renting bridesmaid dresses probably the easiest way to make things a bit cheaper for everyone. The average bridesmaid spends about $1,500 — $1,800 per wedding. That’s like, two months rent. For someone else’s party. From the bachelorette rager in Vegas, to the hometown bridal shower, to the countless brunches, wine nights, and minor mental breakdowns, bridesmaids are shelling out a pretty penny to stand at the altar next to their best friend on her big day.

Though the memories last forever, one thing that doesn’t is the bridesmaids’ dress. Let’s be real, “you can shorten it and wear it again” is one of the biggest wedding lies ever told, second only to “if it rains on your wedding, it’s good luck!” Not only can the dress be expensive, but it is also difficult (maybe impossible) for brides to find one that each one of their ‘maids legitimately likes wearing.

That’s where rentable bridesmaid dresses come in, allowing you to look great on the big day without the hassle of paying full price for a dress you probably won’t wear again and don’t have room for in your closet in the first place.

In the end, it’s the bride’s decision. So I spoke to Union Station and Vow to be Chic, two innovative startups offering affordable rental dress options, who offered up some tips on how you can convince your bride to rent.

1. They Cost Less

The average rental price for a bridesmaid dress is anywhere between $75 and $120, a significant discount from the average $300 spent on a bridesmaid dress after alterations.

“Money is often a major point of dissension amongst wedding parties,” says Ashley Ludgood from Vow to be Chic. “To keep the peace, showing your bridal party that you care about their budget and needs can lower tension. Also, brides often want their bridal party wearing gorgeous (read: expensive) dresses, which we make possible even if all of her bridesmaids can’t afford or don’t want to purchase the dress.”

2. They Fit Better

Light purple/short purple/orange bridesmaid dresses By Joanne

“We talked to hundreds of brides and bridesmaids when drafting our original business plan and the number one thing we consistently heard was ‘I’ve never needed to alter a dress in my life, EXCEPT for every single bridesmaid dress I’ve ever bought,’” says Corie Hardee from Union Station. “It seemed almost like a conspiracy to us — why do bridesmaid dresses never fit?”

Since rental dresses cannot be altered, both Union Station and Vow to be Chic allow bridesmaids to choose multiple sizes to be delivered. That way, should they be unsure of their measurements or should a dress run a little small or large, the bridesmaids are guaranteed a great fit.

This also works in the bride and bridesmaid’s favor since finding and ordering a dress often occurs months and months before the actual wedding and sometimes the size you wanted isn’t the size you need. You weight will naturally fluctuate during that time span, so having options is definitely key, rather than stressing out about more alterations last minute.

3. They’re Flexible

Though most bridesmaid dresses are never worn again, Union Station and Vow to be Chic offer options for the few exceptions to the rule, with dresses available for purchase or rent.

“It’s great because we can easily help a bridal party with differing needs,” explains Ludgood. “If some of your bridesmaids want to rent, but one bridesmaid needs special alterations or sizing, we can help everyone.”

4. They’ve Always Got Your Back

“After four years of outfitting bridesmaids we have seen it all. Bridesmaids ordering the wrong dress, the neighbor’s dog chewing the box after UPS delivers it. Literally everything,” says Hardee. “If something comes up, we can react fast and get you another dress. We know that brides put a tremendous amount of trust in us and that the value of these dresses aren’t just the price paid. These dresses are one piece of an event they’ve spent a tremendous amount of time and money planning. We take that trust very seriously.”

Not only do they deal with dress crises, but they also help with managing the bridal party, making sure everyone orders what they need to when they need to.

“Renting online option can ultimately reduce the stress for the bride,” says Ludgood. “When a bride tries to monitor [the bridesmaid dress] process on her own, you can’t imaging the unbelievable hassle she experiences while chasing around her bridesmaids to confirm that they’ve ordered their dresses.”

5. Guys Can Rent Too

Union Station also offers ties and bowties in the same exact colors as the bridesmaid dresses, eliminating yet another thing the bride needs to worry about.

“The most frequent request we received from brides was for ties and bowties in the same colors as our dresses. We’ve realized literally hundreds of emails from brides saying that it was very difficult to find ties to match,” says Hardee. “Even if you just consider navy — if you buy five different navy items from five different stores every shade will be different. Our mission is to make the entire process easier and we realized we were only solving half the problem — groomsmen were the other half.”

6. And There’s Something For The Bride

Vow to be Chic also rents Little White Dresses, perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to wear their full-on wedding gown all day and night.

“We have plenty of brides who just come to order a Little White Dress, even ordering multiple for all of their wedding related events. In fact, many brides who have smaller weddings, casual weddings, courthouse weddings, or elopements opt for one of our Little White Dresses as their wedding dress.”

7. They Give Mix-And-Match A New Meaning

“Many brides want to provide their bridesmaids some room to select a dress that fits and suits their personality,” says Ludgood. “However, the bride still wants a gorgeous, cohesive day. We make it easy for the bride and bridal party to have the best of both worlds.”

Not only can bridesmaids find the perfect dress for them, but the bride can also ensure that each color is exactly the same from dress to dress, eliminating any worry that one girl’s version of off-white will clash with another’s.

“This is also our favorite trend as it lets each bridesmaid pick the silhouette that will work best,” explains Hardee. “We’ve designed [different dresses] to fit different shapes, but women often know which cut they’ll like best. It is a great option to make sure everyone is happy in their dress.”

8. It Just Makes Everything Easier

“Many of our brides are millennials, and they are incredibly busy,” explains Ludgood. “They don’t have a ton of time to spend on the bridesmaid dress selection process either. There are so many other pieces to planning a wedding. They want the process to be simple and the dresses to be beautiful.”

“We take this one very difficult task off [a bride’s] plate so they don’t have to worry about it,” say Hardee. “Brides can select a dress from us and then make everyone happy by giving her bridesmaids the option to rent or buy. Then once she registers her wedding party, we handle all the logistics to ensure that her bridesmaids have a dress that they feel confident in walking down the aisle.”

So, maybe the next time you get that cute letter in the mail, asking you in all its instagramable-glory to be a bridesmaid, you and your bride will have one less thing to worry about.

Pick out the satisfactory formal dresses


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In the wedding ceremony, in addition to the radiant bride needs a good dress, formal dress to also want to carefully choose, if the bridesmaid number many, it is more difficult to unification, because everyone’s ideas are different, how to pick out the satisfactory bridesmaid under? Below small make up just to tell you.

Yellow Tone One-Shoulder Chiffon Trumpet/Mermaid Hand-Made Flower Layers

Yellow One-Shoulder Chiffon Mermaid Formal Dresses By

A. guarantee modifiability, skirt

Dress to can use muti_function, many occasions for beautiful, had better have adjustable straps, can according to the figure and temperament for the transformation of different style, such as roll up cloth, or tie belt into different shapes. Want to wipes bosom or sexy backless formal dress, or one shoulder goddess fan, can do. Choose to customize a offers a variety of color and the length of the shop, you can choose according to their size, ensure that meet the needs of everyone, as long as the same color, material is the same.

Yellow Tone Junoesque One Shoulder Chiffon Floor Length A-Line Formal Gown

Yellow Tone One Shoulder  A-Line Cheap Formal Dresses Online Australia

Note: the bridesmaids themselves need to be familiar with how to tie the lace dress, or if the wedding day should be you to tie is in trouble, no time to manage, will be overwhelmed.

Yellow Sweetheart Sheath Crystal Ruched Formal Dress Online Australia

Yellow Sweetheart Sheath Crystal Ruched Formal Dress Online Australia

B. can match for dress accessories

Can choose dress, by the way, could you buy some suitable outside the beatles, such as cashmere smock dress on collocation, the wind will have a Bohemian on holiday, very suitable for winter wedding wear. Summer can wear white shirt matchs color short skirt, reliving student, suitable for bridesmaid and old friend are the bride. The suit can be normally wear, high cost performance.

Yellow Strapless 2016 Beading Cascading Ruffle Formal Gowns Australia

2016 Beading Yellow Strapless Formal Dresses Australia Discount

Note: more than a suit would be more expensive than buying a dress, want to choose a good place to buy clothes, if the cost of formal dresses is held the maid of honor, to ask everybody’s budget, to decide what shopping price bridesmaid dresses.

Yellow Beading Cascading Ruffle Chiffon Sweetheart Princess Formal Gowns

Yellow Beading Cascading Ruffle Chiffon Sweetheart Princess Formal Gowns research together

The bride must have planning for his wedding, if you have idea about the formal dresses color, style and other details, also you can refer to bridesmaids idea to change, although is your wedding, but a bridesmaid dress is bridesmaids to wear, it is better to let everybody likes, and wear can be good-looking, assigned bridesmaids task, find you like style, then pick out everyone satisfied design. Small make up recommend everyone find a have free time, go to the store to try on, so that the effect is the most intuitive, decision is the fastest.

Radiant Sheath Yellow Chiffon One Shoulder Floor Length Formal Gown

Radiant Sheath Yellow Chiffon One Shoulder Floor Length Formal Gown

Note: if you figure to remind the difference is too big, do not adhere to the unity must buy clothing, requirement on color and material is good, of course, if you out of all the dress of money, the opinions of ordinary people will not have any style.

New Beachside Bohemian Bridal Salon


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Solstice Bride is excited to announce the opening of its showroom in the trendsetting Abbott Kinney neighborhood of Venice. On December 16, Solstice Bride opens its appointment book for brides to shop for gorgeous dresses, including exclusive and custom lines only found within its showroom, as well as thoughtfully curated accessories and gifts.

Orla Stiles has created a showroom that celebrates the momentous occasion of finding the perfect gown, while infusing Venice Beach’s bohemian spirit and her own effortlessly cool style and sensibilities into the experience and products offered. Solstice Bride is the culmination of Orla’s 15 years of fashion and retail industry experience and her own recent marriage. She’s drawn inspiration from her home town, Los Angeles.

“I love biking to the beach, flea markets, street tacos, hiking the mountains and day trips to the desert — all of which is inspiration for Solstice Bride,” said Stiles. “So much of the wedding planning process can be stressful and when brides come into our showroom, I want it to be a time where they can relax and have fun. I believe a bride should look and feel like the most elevated version of her everyday self on her wedding day and her gown should be an extension of her personality.”

Solstice Bride will have some of the most exclusive collections of dresses found only in its showroom, including designs by Stone Fox Bride (exclusive California retailer), Delphine Manivet (exclusive Los Angeles retailer), Anais Anette (exclusive Los Angeles retailer), Donatelle Godart (exclusive California retailer), Alexandra Grecco (exclusive Los Angeles retailer), Kite and Butterfly, Elizabeth Dye and Stone Cold Fox. Additionally, Solstice Bride will be carrying custom gowns which Stiles has exclusively designed with Odylyne The Ceremony. Each gown and designer carried has been carefully selected to represent the many California-style weddings available, from beaches to back yards, churches to country clubs, and every barefoot bohemian ceremony in between.

Stiles’ vision for Solstice Bride is a ‘bridal general store’ where newly-engaged women can go to satisfy all of their complete wedding needs, from the gorgeous gown down to her wedding night lingerie. Accessories from Jennifer Behr, Erica Elizabeth, Heart of Gold and Olivia the Wolf will be available as perfect accent pieces to complete the bridal look. Brides will also be able to customize wedding shoes, wedding purses and cool leather jackets as seen on celebrity brides and grooms.

The showroom is just as stunning and unique as the dresses and products found within it. With light filled windows and exposed brick walls it’s decorated with an eclectic mix of shibori dyed linens, comfortable Moroccan blankets and pillows and mid century modern furniture to set the tone for a one-of-a-kind bridal shopping experience at Solstice Bride.

Starting in early 2016, Solstice Bride will offer monthly events, including trunk shows and events for the bridal party, including bridesmaid dress designers Show Me Your Mumu and Two Birds. Solstice Bride is located at 535 California Avenue, second floor, suite 4 in Venice, California. For more information, visit

Importance of bridesmaid gowns for wedding


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The bride can choose according to their bodies, consistent with their temperament of four to five sets of bridesmaid dresses, bridesmaid dress choice must highlight the curve line, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, accord with self temperament. Choosing indoor bridesmaid dress, a good bride can choose fishtail bridesmaid dress, will good figure performance, want to make the picture more lively bride can choose short knee-length dress, a little plump, avoid by all means don’t choose hanging type bridesmaid dress, it looks arm thick, short neck.

Silver Chiffon Long Cheap London Bridesmaid Dresses

Picture taken when the bridesmaid dress is the most important, so the bride should carefully choose the bridesmaid dress style. And indoor and outdoor two sets of bridesmaid dress should be different. Outdoor chose a big tail bridesmaid dress, for example, indoor can choose small tail bridesmaid dress or is neat, bridesmaid dress; Choose strapless gown with outdoor, indoor can choose request, better to reflect the different style.

Turquoise Sweetheart Chiffon Bridesmaid Gowns 2016

Dress up more trouble. Because of body or have certain requirements. Plump type bride can choose a fluffy skirt and shawls, have a kind of elegant temperament; Thin bride can choose to cultivate one’s morality dress, but in the chest or crotch has large adornment to emphasize female beauty.

Jewel Pretty Bridesmaid Dresses With Bow Lace By Joannesdress

The color is follow one’s inclinations. Choosing a dress, remember to choose brunet dress, plump type bride can choose a fluffy skirt and shawls, while thin bride can choose to cultivate one’s morality dress, but in the chest or crotch has large adornment to emphasize female beauty.

1/4 Sleeves Satin Dark Green Bow Bridesmaid Dress 2016

Choosing characteristic dress, depending on the bride’s personal temperament to choose, more lovely MM can choose space space suit, classical thin women can choose han outfit, atmospheric demure bride can choose tang suit, wen wan XiuHe can choose demure.

1/4 Sleeves Floor Length V Neck Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

Choice of clothing vary from person to person, also can according to individual hobby to choose, in this remind you of avoid by all means choosing the length of the big red long robe. Ancient costume pick up without any taboo. Big, because both Eric and red tone. Very happy.

3D Flower Peach Sweetheart Girls Beach Bridesmaid Dresses 2016

Any clue, I really want to wear red clothes, the best lips to the red dot, eye makeup is not outstanding at the same time, the real ancient beauties. For example, tang suit. These can be in advance to communicate with a makeup artist, let them be ready. Lima, rarely red body, a chaplet and official robes generally also have a lot of blue adornment, makeup the selection more abundant.


Women saves a fortune on wedding dress shopping


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Many brides end up spending more time and money on their wedding gowns than they would have judged sensible in their single days, and it’s easy to understand why. There’s the pressure of the spotlight, for one, and the symbolic significance of feeling at your most comfortable and beautiful at the beginning of a new life chapter—and perhaps later, on social media.

In the US, the average price for The Dress is about $1,350, according to The Knot’s oft-cited Real Weddings Survey (take that with a grain of salt, though). For a designer gown with intricate details, that figure can rocket to several thousand dollars. But even for the most expensive dresses, here’s a secret: you don’t have to pay full price.

My friend Kate Berland, a marketing manager at YouTube, recently found The Dress on her lunch break. When she sent me a picture of herself trying it on, it was clear she had a remarkable find. Swaths of white chiffon wrapped a strapless bodice and swirls of silk cutouts gave the skirt a full, feathery effect. The skirt arced to tea-length in the front, revealing just enough leg to make it more Sex and the City than Cinderella.

“Oscar de la Renta,” said Kate. She paid about half its original price, and took the dress home two days later—as opposed to the several months many brides have to wait for a first fitting.

Something old

Kate bought her dress secondhand, and while there’s a stigma around being thrifty about your unique wedding dresses, there shouldn’t be. Wedding gowns are frequently expensive, and only useful to their owner for a single day. For busy brides with expensive taste and moderate budgets, consignment shops and websites can be a godsend—especially as selections swell.

In 2009, the website Preowned Wedding Dresses had about 2,360 gowns for sale. Today it has more than 20,000. I’ve now watched clever, stylish friends in New York, London, and San Francisco buy gowns with labels like Monique Lhuillier and Vera Wang from secondhand shops and sites.

At first, they asked me to keep their methods a secret. Now, like Kate, they’re celebrating their secondhand gowns as a smart alternative to the expensive, time-consuming, and stressful search for The Dress.

It’s faster

At a traditional bridal salon, women usually choose a dress based on a sample, and then wait months for their own to arrive.

Kate first attempted to shop for a wedding gown that way, visiting San Francisco bridal salons with her mother. At about nine months before the wedding, it should have been perfect timing, but it also happened to fall during the run-up a product launch she was overseeing.

“It was really stressful,” said Kate. “I was on and off my cell phone the whole day with work, trying to be there with my mom in the moment.”

Kate did what any self-respecting Silicon Valley bride would do. She didn’t find a dress that day, and put off the search. Suddenly, it was May. Work was still busy, but the clock was ticking, so Kate did what any self-respecting Silicon Valley bride would do: “I just Googled ‘Where to buy a wedding dress in the Bay Area,’ and looked for places that were near work.”

Kate wasn’t looking for a secondhand gown, but she came across Bridal Project, a small consignment shop in Burlingame, CA, where she could make a one-hour appointment on her lunch break. There, Kate was met by the store’s owner and her assistant. The store closes for each appointment, so Kate had the team’s undivided attention. They pulled several dresses based on her size and specifications.

The Oscar de la Renta fit the bill perfectly. Kate gave herself a 48-hour breather before she returned to the store, bought the dress, and took it home, ready to start her alterations and accessories selection.

They’re pre-edited

Unlike at a bridal salon, where many dozens of dresses can—overwhelmingly—be custom-ordered in any size, buying a secondhand dress “off-the-rack” limits what’s available in a particular size and style, often reflecting which gowns flatter different body types. Previous brides have already done the editing for you.

Of course, like all secondhand shopping, looking for a consignment gown is hit-or-miss. But with a limited budget, the odds of scoring a knockout gown are much greater when you’re shopping secondhand.

Of the seven gowns Bridal Project pulled, only the Oscar de la Renta was in the ballpark, as opposed to the day of “meh”-inducing dresses Kate described trying on with her mom: serviceable, but not stunning.

They’re a fraction of the price

Kate was able to buy a couture-quality gown from a designer she had already dismissed as far beyond her budget. Bridal Project only carries like-new gowns that originally cost $1500 and upwards, creating a blue-chip assortment from designers including Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang, and Jenny Packham, with price tags reduced to 30-50% off of their original price.

At the Bridal Garden in New York City—a charity, rather than a consignment shop—designers like Lela Rose, Badgely Mischka, and Angel Sanchez donate samples, which sell for up to 75% off their original prices.

Online, Tradesy, Preowned Wedding Dresses, and OnceWed also have similarly impressive selections at deep discounts.

You can customize with alterations

Whether a bride buys a secondhand dress or not, she will usually require some tailoring for the dress to fit perfectly. Traditional bridal salons often encourage women to buy a generous size, since taking in a garment is easier than letting it out, and charge hundreds of dollars for alterations.

Pre-owned dresses frequently have been tailored this way in advance—bustles added, skirts hemmed—so much of the work will be done. Kate wasn’t sure if her high-low skirt was a custom detail for the previous owner or not, but it suited her perfectly. A local seamstress took a few inches out of the bodice, sewed a strapless bra inside, and added a dart at the sweetheart neckline.

“She fixed the uni-boob,” said Kate.

All details that will make the dress more comfortable for Kate come Saturday—and perhaps for another owner, down the road.